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Anonymous ;
I love Lucas. That's all (:


birth certificate says Luke
but i still love you. & calling him lucas is fun.


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Opps i read that wrong, I thought it was Fiance…opps sorry

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Anonymous ;
Can you do a preference where Ashton finds our his girlfriend is pregnant?:)

Imma make this a blurb.

It’s been two weeks since you found out you’re pregnant. But Ashton was gone at his mom’s so he wasn’t there during the morning sickness, mood swings, and food cravings which was a good thing…because he doesn’t know about the baby. A month before you got pregnant you asked if he wanted to at least try to get pregnant but he specificly stated he wasn’t ready and he was too busy. You don’t know how you’re gonna tell him but you have a few ideas. A baloon, beg him for load of food, make him watch sappy love stories, staple to your forehead ‘I’M PREGNANT’, use the hashtag #DaddyIrwin. “Do that one!” Your sister encouraged. You were out to your lunch with your family telling them about it. “How will he react though?” You asked concerned. “Baby, no matter what he says, we’ll help you out with anything,” your dad told you. You gave him a small smile thinking about it. After lunch you paced back and forth in your living room. Ash was coming home tonight and you were urging to tell him. “Fuck it,” you sighed pulling out your phone. You pressed the writing butten and started typing, without hesitation you pressed send. No regrets. “@(Y/T/N): So excited to tell you guys we’re adding a new person to the Irwin family! Can’t wait to walk to walk down the isle next year with him/her! :)” You phone started blowing up but you ignored it sitting on the couch. You sat on the couch for two hours not even moving, even though you were graving pickles, you waited for Ash. Suddenly the door bursted open and Ashton looked at you with wide eyes, “You’re pregnant?!?” You stood up, slowly nodding, “Are you mad?” He looked at you in disbelief, “This is the second happiest day of my life!” He ran over and hugged you, spinning you in the air. Once he sat you down he kissed you passionately. You smiled and pulled away, “Second?” “The first was when you agreed to marry me, that’ll be replaced when you walk down that isle, then this will be replaced when baby Irwin comes into this world.” You smiled and kissed him again, guess you had nothing to worry about. :)

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Anatomy of songs [insp]
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Bringing this back. 

Never forget.
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Mine too! We have so much in common :)
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idekum5sos ;
What do you think about the drama? I can't believe there's more I hate drama i think it's stupid, I'm ignoring It. I just want to talk about how hot and kind and talented they are no all the drama :(
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