calum: ”ashton’s like the.. dad-father.. in the band




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Guys I wanna make a imagine with more than one part, can you help me with ideas?

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5SOSFam Put a ♥ next to your country, let’s see where this family is from! :)

Add yours if it’s not here. :)

United States: ♥

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"We’re not done yet." (Part One)

Request: Yes
Pairing: Ashton Iriwn & (Y/N)
Rated: R
Summary: Anon: “Can I have a smut where me and Ashton have been friends since we were little and we’ve always had a little crush on each other, but we don’t admit our feelings for each other until we’re older, and then we kiss and have sex.”

You & Ashton have been friends since year 5 and ever since then people either thought you were siblings or dating. One night you were at Ashton’s apartment doing your usual Saturday routine, movies and junk food. You both sat on his bed, you cuddled to his chest laughing at A Haunted House 2. Ashton watched you as you laughed, smiling.

Once you noticed you stopped laughing and gave him a look, “What?”

He frowned, “(Y/N)….I’ve had feelings for you since year 8” 

You sat up and looked at him shocked, “W-What?”

"I thought it was nothing at first but Ever since you told me you had your first kiss with Calum when we were 16, & I still haven’t had mine back then I got even more jealous because I was hoping to be yours," he admitted. 

Your eyes grew wide, “Really?” He nodded nervously. “I like you too.” 

He frowned, “No, (Y/N) not like, that was in year 8, I fell in love with you these past years.” 

You’re eyes grew wide, “I….I love you too.” 

He smiled and pulled you down, crashing his lips onto yours. You ran your fingers through his hair, pulling him closer. You swung a leg over him and straddled him. He slipped his toungue in your mouth and explored every bit of it.

You pulled away and kissed & sucked on his neck making him moan. He sat up and pushed you away, sliding off his shirt before coliding with your lips again. He laid back down and watched you kiss down his neck & stomach. You stood up and unbuckled his belt, unbuttened his pants and pulled them off. You plamed him through his boxers making him groan.

You smirked and undressed yourself to you bra and panties. “What do you want Ashton?”

"Suck me baby." He demanded.

You smiled and took off his boxers. He sat up and watched you kneeled. You bumbfonded by his size making him smirk. You kissed his tip making him moan. You kissed down his length making him moan more. Once you brought your face back up you took all of him. He laid down groaning as you played with his balls and sucked faster. He felt the need for more so he pushed your head down making you gag.

After that he began thrusting in your mouth making you gag each time. You felt him twitch in your mouth making him cum in your mouth.

"Swallow baby," he told you which you did, making you make a disgusted face. He laughed and you got up, sitting on his stomach, he could feel the wetness from your panties. "What do you want baby?"

You smirked and kised him. “Let met ride that tongue.”

He smiled and began sliding your panties down. You stood up and stepped out of your panties before walking over to his head. He stuck his tongue out and you gladly sat down on it. You gasped at how deep his tongue went. You began ride his face making you moan each time you moved. You grasped on the headboard while he held your waist.

"I’m gonna come," you told him-more like screamed. He hummed against your clit instantly making you come, "oh my god!"

He licked you clean and you got off of him. “Now for the real stuff,” he said unclasping your bra and throwing it on the floor. 

He flipped you over and without warning he enter you making you scream. He let you adjust to his size before thrusting in and out of you making you moan louder & louder. He groaned at every thrust.You reached down and played with your clit while he pulled one leg over his shoulder making him go deeper inside of you.

"I’m so close," you moaned out of breath, arching your back.

He suddenly came inside you but kept thrusting at the same pace waiting for you. You suddenly felt yourself come making you scream his name. He pulled out and stood while you just laid there out of breath.

You smiled at him, “I should go clean up.”

You stood up to walk away but he pulled you back. “We’re not done yet,” he growled making you tremble at his voice.

Part Two?
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I want to make him blush like that so bad .
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if you have dated/fucked a band member

  • ok
  • wow
  • cool
  • nice
  • good job
  • congrats

if you post clearly private pictures of them or tell people confidential things about them without their consent

  • unnecessary
  • not ok
  • u suck

ps these rules apply to dating and fucking normal people also

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"You only like that band because 5sos does!" NO! I like this band because I liked them before I found out 5sos did OR because they introduced me to them! So shut up and get your facts right.

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You look sexy on my TV :)
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calum smut


"Y/N i no this is early but….,"

"yeah calum????!!?"

"want me to eat u out?"

"hell yeah"

uve been drinkin a lot of pinabble juice so u no ur bagina was sweet as fuck”

he slowly took of your pants then your underwear and started to bite your inner thigh

"shit calum"

feels good right?” he…

What the actual….

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Does anyone else have a really hard time picking a 5sos boy?


Like I can’t figure out if I’m a Calum girl, luke girl, ashton girl, or michael girl because they make it so hard to choose just one…

I’m pretty consistently smitten with Ashton cause I mean, just look at him

and he is just so sweet, and has so much passion and love for music and the…

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luke sexting


yeah babe call me daddy… but only if your biological father is okay with that, I don’t want him to feel like he’s being replaced

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